Council for Investments of the Ryazan Region

General Provisions

  • The Council for Investments of the Ryazan Region (hereinafter referred to as the Council for Investments) is governed by the Law of the Ryazan Region «On State Support of Investor Activities on the Territory of the Ryazan Region» (hereinafter referred to as the Law of the Ryazan Region) and the present Regulations, as well as by other laws and regulations of the Government of the Ryazan Region.
  • The Council for Investments is a permanent collegial body that coordinates investment activities on the territory of the Ryazan Region.
  • The Council for Investments is a non-profit organization.
  • Organizational support of the Council for Investments is provided by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Ryazan Region (herein after referred to as the Authorized Body).

The main objectives of the Council for Investments are as follows:

  • preparation of propositions concerning the strategy and the concept of investment policy of the Ryazan Region;
  • generalization and analysis of domestic and foreign experience in attracting investments;
  • developing proposals for attracting Russian and foreign investors into the Ryazan Region;
  • developing proposals for integrated territorial development and improvement of infrastructure and economic potential of the Ryazan Region, including that based on public-private partnership;
  • considering investment projects and issues related to location of new facilities and modernization of existing production facilities, irrespective of the source of finance and form of ownership;
  • developing proposals for implementation of investment projects aimed at the development of the Ryazan Region, and recommendations for corresponding organizations, governmental authorities, and local authorities;
  • monitoring implementation of investment projects;
  • analysis of the activities of executive authorities of the Ryazan Region and local authorities aimed at elimination of administrative barriers in the sphere of investment activities;
  • developing proposals for draft laws and regulations concerning investment development, protection of the rights and legitimate interests of investors;
  • coverage of the results of its activity in mass media.

Members of the investment council of the Ryazan region

Lyubimov Nikolay Viktorovich — Governor of the Ryazan Region, Chairperson of the Council for Investments of the Ryazan Region

Bulekov Oleg Evgenyevich — Deputy Governor of the Ryazan Region, Vice-Chairperson of the Council for Investments of the Ryazan Region

Harivsky Oleg Lyubomirovich — Deputy Governor of the Ryazan Region, Vice-Chairperson of the Council for Investments of the Ryazan Region

Kutentsyn Vladimir Ivanovich — Director-General of Ryazan Association of Economic Cooperation of the Enterprises (subject to agreement)

Podkovyrova Nadezhda Stepanovna — Director of the Department for State Support and Programmes of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Ryazan Region, Secretary of the Council

Goryachkina Svetlana Vladimirovna — Minister of Economic Development and Trade of the Ryazan Region

Mayorov Mikhail Aleksandrovich — Minister of Property and Land Relations of the Ryazan Region

Menshov Vyacheslav Yurevich — Minister of Construction Industry of the Ryazan Region

Naumova Marina Aleksandrovna — Minister of Finance of the Ryazan Region

Savitchev Andrey Vladimirovich — Minister of Transport and Automobile Roads of the Ryazan Region

Malov Yuri Alekseyevich — Acting Head of the Main Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Ryazan Region

Burtsev Egor Viktorovich — Ombudsman for Protection of Businessmen’ Rights

Makarov Vyacheslav Ivanovich — Director of the Main Department for Architecture and Urban Development of the Ryazan Region

Shevyrev Aleksandr Pavlovich — First Deputy Chairman of the Ryazan Region Duma

Karabasov Sergey Yurievich — Acting Head of the Administration of the Municipal Formation of the City of Ryazan (subject to agreement)

Bodiagin Nikolay Viktorovich — Director of LLC «Moroz» (subject to agreement)

Briazgunov Igor Vladimirovich — General Director of LLC «Zavod Shinglas» (subject to agreement)

Byshov Nikolay Vladimirovich — Rector for Ryazan State Agrotechnological University Named After P.A. Kostychev (subject to agreement)

Vorobyev Sergey Nikolayevich — Financial Director of LLC «Relef-CENTR» (subject to agreement)

Gaidukov Sergey Valeryevich — Deputy Manager of Ryazan Regional Branch of JSC Russian Agricultural Bank (subject to agreement)

Ganishin Roman Viktorovich — Chairperson of Board of PJSC Prio-Vneshtorgbank (subject to agreement)

Gol Stanislav Arturovich — Director of LLC «CB Aurora» (subject to agreement)

Guseva Tatyana Vasilevna — President of Ryazan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (subject to agreement)

Zhukov Valery Sergeevich — General Director of JSC «Kasimovnerud» (subject to agreement)

Ivanov Yuri Borisovich — CEO of Ryazan Region Corporation of Development (subject to agreement)

Ignatov Andrey Alexandrovich — Regional Sales Director of JSC «R-Pharm» (subject to agreement)

Kibalnikova Ludmila Viktorovna — Chairperson of Board of Ryazan Regional Branch of the All-Russian Public Organization «OPORA ROSSII» (subject to agreement)

Kolomiets Tatyana Vladimirovna — Regional Director of Operations Office «Ryazan» of the Yaroslavl Branch of JSC «Promsvyazbank» (subject to agreement)

Kretov Leonid Mikhailovich — Director-General of «Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Ryazan» (subject to agreement)

Kudinov Alexandr Sergeevich — Ryazan’ Office Head of VTB Group (subject to agreement)

Motorzhin Vladimir Valentinovich — Chairperson of Board of Ryazan Regional Branch of the All-Russian Public Organization «Delovaya Rossija» (subject to agreement)

Murashko Nikolay Alekseyevich — Director on Business Development of LLC «Guardian Glass Servisis» (subject to agreement)

Orlovtseva Julia Vladimirovna — Deputy Head of the Federal Tax Service Office in the Ryazan Region (subject to agreement)

Pamshev Aleksey Yakovlevich — Director of the Branch «SUCCESS STONE OVERSEAS corp.» (subject to agreement)

Pankin Nikolay Nikolayevich — Founder of LLC «Politekh» (subject to agreement)

Podliagin Mikhail Viktorovich — Deputy CEO of JSC IDGC of Center and Privolzhye — Branch Manager of Ryazanenergo (subject to agreement)

Prokopova Larisa Viktorovna — Regional Manager of Operational Office «Ryazan» branch 3652 VTB 24 (subject to agreement)

Smirnov Yuri Leonidovich — General Director of JSC «Ryazansky Radio Zavod» (subject to agreement)

Strelnikov Maksim Dmitrievich — Commercial Director of «Kohler Rus» (subject to agreement)

Frolov Sergey Nikolaevich — Manager of Ryazan Branch № 8606 of Sberbank of Russia (subject to agreement)

Kharlina Tatyana Vladimirovna — Chief Operating Office 004/2010 Branch JSC «Gazprombank» (subject to agreement)

Shadrin Maksim Vladimirovich — Director of JSC «Kvantron» (subject to agreement)

Shaipov Lema Ramazanovich — Chairperson of non-business entity Ryazan Region’s Union of Builders, CEO of «Ryazanstroj» (subject to agreement)

Shirobakin Sergey Evgenievich — Chief Constructor of CJSC «Mostcom», President of the Ryazan Association of Small and Medium Innovative Enterprises (subject to agreement)

Yakovlev Pavel Alekseyevich — Director of LLC «Prime stomatologiya» (subject to agreement)