Batashovs’ Estate (18th-19th Century)

Batashov estate

Composition of the estate:

— Manor house, 1793,
— Industrial building, 1764,
— Smith shop, 1764,
— Warehouse, 1764,
— Shopping arcade, early 19th century,
— Dam,
— Pond, 1769,
— Park, 1759.

Historical and cultural property: cultural heritage sites of federal importance


In 1758, the brothers Batashov got a permission to build a steelmaking plant on the Gus river near Verkutec village. Thus, since the mid-18th century, there have been a big estate with a manor park and privileged workers’ houses, public buildings and shops on the high bank of the Gus river. The plant itself was built at the dam on the river Gus. The dam had a length of over a kilometer and a system of locks. Gusevsky plant became the biggest iron production in Prioksky industrial district. In addition to iron melting, Batashov’s plants filled military orders making bombs and cannonballs. The concomitant production was production of iron gardens, stair railings, boilers, irons, sickles and elegant candlesticks. Due to its high quality Batashov’s artistic iron casting gained fame even in the capital. The Batashovs gained the right from the Collegium of Mining to put their own stamp on high-grade iron.

Potential use:

Combined tourist infrastructure:

— a park-hotel with a theme restaurant and workshops;

— a health resort area.

The estimated cost of the object’s restoration with consideration for its potential use:

RUB 832 mln

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