Koshelev Estate (Late 19th Century)

Koshelev estate

Composition of the estate:

— Manor house, 19th century,
— Park, early 19th century.

Historical and cultural property: cultural heritage sites of federal importance


The estate was founded by Kniaz-stolnik Boris Dolgorukov in the late 17th century. In 1835, the district marshal of nobility court counselor Alexander Koshelev bought the estate and started a diversified model farm. There were dairy, starch and sugar plants, a distillery, workshops and a tanning shop, a brick factory and mills. In 1899, the estate became a part of Ministry of agriculture and state property. In 1907, an agricultural school was created there, and in 1929, an agricultural college was created on its base.

Potential use:

A country park-hotel with agritourism facilities

The estimated cost of the object’s restoration with consideration for its potential use:

RUB 275 mln


Municipal ownership


120 km to Ryazan
300 km to Moscow

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