Lunin Estate (18th-19th Century)

Lunino estate

Composition of the estate:

-Manor house, early 19th century.

Historical and cultural property: cultural heritage sites of federal importance


The estate complex was founded by the President of the Collegium of Estates Mikhail Lunin (1712-1776) in the late 18th century. In the late 19th century it came into possession of Countess Alexandra Grabbe (nee Orlova-Denisova), then it was inherited by her son, the commander of His Imperial Majesty Personal Escort Alexander Grabbe. After 1917, the estate was ruined. Since 1928, the manor house had become a school. At first it was a school of peasant youth, then it was seven-year school and since 1945, it has been a secondary school.

Potential use:

A country park-hotel with a museum, a household plot, a garden, a minifarm. Since the estate is located on the high bank of the Oka, a ski slope and amenities can be created.

The estimated cost of the object’s restoration with consideration for its potential use:

RUB 146 mln


100 km to Ryazan
282 km to Moscow

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