Zimino Estate (1820s)

Zimino estate

Composition of the estate:

— Manor house,
— Park,
— Pond.

Historical and cultural property: cultural heritage sites of federal importance


The estate was founded in the late 18th century by the major’s widow Pelageya Denisyeva. In the early 1830s, the estate was sold to the retired colonel of the Russian Guard Nikolay Zheltukhin. The estate is located on the bank of a pond cascade, it was built as a two-storey house with two wings. In 1854, the landowner Zheltukhin founded a new stone temple on the far bank of the pond.

Potential use:

A country park-hotel with agritourism and fishing facilities. Culinary tourism centre specialized on Russian eco cuisine.

The estimated cost of the object’s restoration with consideration for its potential use:

RUB 197 mln


120 km to Ryazan
300 km to Moscow

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